The poplin collection has been the hottest trend in children’s apparel for the past year. 

The poplins line of clothing is inspired by the characters in the Mulberry childrens cartoon and it features a mix of traditional fabrics like cotton, nylon and wool, along with contemporary designs inspired by Disney princesses and popular artists like Katy Perry and the rapper Lil Wayne. 

The collection, which launched in June, was sold out at the time of this article’s publication, but was expected to continue to sell out throughout the summer. 

While the collection is all-new, Mulberry, which is owned by Amazons, has made a few tweaks to the collection, according to the brand’s website. 

Mulberry, the parent company of Mulberry Brands, has updated the Mulberries classic tee and long sleeve shirts, which feature an old-school, classic style, and the mulberry sweatshirt, which features the poplins color scheme. 

In addition, Mulberries newest, and more casual, collection features a new poplin jacket, a Mulberry hoodie, a mulberry tee, a black mulberry jacket, and a mulberries poplin sweatshirt. 

You can see all of the new poplins designs and trends on Mulberry’s website, and if you’re a fan of the Mulbours poplin hoodie (which is available in two sizes), you can purchase a pair right now at Macy’s or on Mulberries website.