The new line for children’s specialty clothes will be unveiled in India on February 10, 2017, according to the company.

It will launch the new line with a price of Rs 5,000 for a single size, a price which will drop to Rs 500 once the first order has been taken, said Anurag Khanna, vice-president, brand development and communications, Dena Group.

The new collection is aimed at children who want to look cool and have a different style to the kids’ line that sells in the United States and Europe, he said.

The Dena children’s line, which has over 6,000 products under its belt, is now looking to grow its presence in the country.

The company is also launching a new line that is aimed specifically at young girls.

The brand is also making a move to focus on Indian kids.

In February 2017, it launched a new brand, with a range of kids’ accessories, including a range from its Dena line of children’s accessories, that was launched at an event at the Mall of India in New Delhi.

The brand’s range of accessories is aimed primarily at young kids and also features a range including socks and gloves.