Canadian soldiers have been dressing up as superheroes in the wake of the US invasion of Iraq, the Canadian military said. 

The Canadian military has been preparing children and youth for the upcoming “Operation Desert Storm” as part of its training programme for the army. 

A spokesperson for the Canadian Forces said the training program will begin this week with the first training exercise in Iraq this week. 

“Canadian soldiers have dressed as superheroes, but this was a one-off and not part of a larger training exercise,” the spokesperson said.

“The Canadian Armed Forces is proud to show our Canadian heritage in our work in Iraq and Afghanistan.” 

Iraqi soldiers take part in a training exercise with Canadian troops in Kuwait.

Canadian soldiers dressed as heroes and helped train Iraqi youth.

Canadian soldiers are part of the training exercise for the military. 

(Supplied: Canadian Forces)”This is not an attempt to hide Canadian identity or to conceal our role in the fight against ISIL,” said the spokesperson.

“This was an exercise to help us prepare Iraqi children and young people for what they will face when we return to Canada in the future.”

Canadian soldiers wear military uniforms as part for training Iraqi youth in Kuwait’s desert terrain. 

Canadian soldiers dress up as superhero superheroes and helped prepare Iraqi youth for a possible future deployment.

Iraqi military personnel participate in training exercise, dubbed Operation Desert Storm, in Kuwait in December 2017. 

Iraq’s army, which was defeated in the summer of 2014, had been preparing for a ground offensive by the US and allies. 

In November 2016, the government announced that Canadian soldiers would take part and that training would begin next month. 

But it has since emerged that the training would focus on the development of special forces in Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. 

More than 200 Canadian soldiers, including soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, 1st Canadian Regiment, will take part, with a total of 500 personnel expected to train Iraqi youths. 

There are currently about 100 Canadian troops based in Jordan and about 20 in Saudi Arabia and UAE.