Children’s clothes are on sale online and at flea markets in New Zealand and Australia, and children’s fashion brands are starting to look like the world’s best-selling children’s apparel.

The latest figures from the American Apparel Institute (AAPI) show that children’s clothes, particularly children’s dresses, are on the rise.

More than 2.6 million children’s hats, coats and jackets were sold online last year, with 2.4 million childrens dresses and jackets sold online, according to the AAPI.

In Australia, there were more than 2 million children products sold online in 2016.

AAPI data shows that clothing brands have been selling online since 2014.

Some of the hottest fashion trends include girls’ hats, girls’ tops and sweaters, with girls’ dresses, sweaters and jackets topping the chart in 2016, with a record number of hats sold online.

New Zealand’s latest trend is girls’ coats and tops, with over 1.4m hats sold.

There is also a strong emphasis on fashion accessories, with more than 10 per cent of children’s garments sold online being accessories, according the AAPI report.

“With so much going on with the fashion industry right now, it’s important that we continue to push forward and be innovative,” said AAPI CEO John Daley.

This includes launching a new fashion accessory campaign, called Make it Your Own.

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