Ducati has announced a new range of children’s clothes for kids in the UK and around the world.

The line includes a range of jackets, jackets with sleeves, trousers, trousers with sleeves and pants with sleeves.

The jackets are available in two sizes, standard and extra long.

They’re priced at £3,899.99, while the trousers are priced at $4,499.99.

The company also released a special range of child-friendly sunglasses, which can be found at £9,199.99 in the United Kingdom and $13,249.99 and $17,199 in the US.

The jackets and trousers are available now in the Ducati UK store and Ducati Europe store, and can be pre-ordered online at Ducati.com.

We’ve also got a new guide to Ducati’s new line of childrens’ clothing for kids to get you started. 

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