The viral ad featuring a young Elmo doll called ‘sad boy’ has become the latest ad to get thumbs-up from Indian childrens’ clothing brands.

The ad, which is titled ‘Elmo’s birthday’ has been gaining traction on social media in India since it was first posted on November 21.

The Elmo brand has been working with a local NGO for years and is known for its quirky merchandise, and the campaign features the doll dressed in a pink and blue striped suit and pink shirt.

The brand also has a similar ad featuring Elmo in the United States, featuring him wearing a purple shirt and pink pants.

The childrens brand says that the campaign is intended to raise awareness about the condition and spread the word about Elmo’s condition, and has also targeted a few celebrities and politicians, who are celebrities in India.

“In order to reach out to the youth, we wanted to create a campaign to show their awareness and their concern,” the brand said.

“Our intention is to bring awareness to the condition in the country and to reach a larger audience through a media campaign.

We are hoping that the awareness will go beyond the brand and reach all people.”

The brand says it also plans to target celebrities with the campaign.

“We are in the process of finalising the content for the campaign and will announce it shortly,” the spokesperson added.

“The aim is to share the story of this iconic and beloved character and to spread awareness about Elma and his condition.

This will not only raise awareness but also educate the youth about his condition and what it is like.”