The festive season is coming to a close.

Here are some ideas for a year ahead.

First, get some festive attire for your children.

Many people want to start celebrating Australia Day on Saturday, November 14.

Some organisations even have a ‘Kids’ Day’ planned for the day.

Get yourself some fun clothes and get dressed for Australia Day.

The Sydney Morning Herald recommends: Make a colourful blanket, a festive candle ornaments, a balloon ornament or a glittery ornametress.

Make a hat, a scarf or a tassel for your child.

Dress up as an animal or animal-themed character.

Dress in a festive outfit or outfit that looks like it could be made for a Halloween party.

Make up a mask or disguise, such as wearing a red cape, a green wig or a pink shirt.

Dress as a holiday spirit, such a spirit animal or a spirit-themed costume.

Dress like a holiday star or a star who represents the spirit of Christmas.

For more information on the celebrations in Sydney, visit Sydney’s ‘Spooky Australia’ website.

Dress for a family holiday to Sydney’s Christmas Market.

Make sure your children and pets enjoy the market.

The Australian Christmas Market is open from December 25 to February 16, and the Sydney Market from March 4 to 15.

Kids can dress up as a character or animal in costume.

If you’re celebrating Australia day at home, look out for more festive events and opportunities for family.

You can also find out more about the 2018 Christmas Market, including activities and more information.

Visit the Christmas Market website for more information about events.

Read more about Christmas in 2018 on ABC News.