By The National Review StaffThe new Bonpoint Kids Kids clothing line will be sold in select stores and online starting on January 1.

The line includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, and boots.

Bonpoint has had a strong relationship with children’s apparel for a long time, but the line’s parent company, the parent company of Bonpoint Clothing, has always been a little less than enthusiastic about it.

That has changed, however, as the company has taken on more and more of the child care industry with its products. 

The Bonpoint family started Bonpoint in 2008. 

Their mission has always centered on providing quality products for parents, and in 2014, the company became the parent of BonPoint Kids. 

In addition to their line of kids clothing, the family also makes accessories for children, including hairnets, hats, and scarves. 

I was able to ask Bonpoint cofounder and CEO, Sam Sargent about the new line and the company’s vision for the future of the company.

I think the most important thing is, how do we deliver on the value proposition?

What are the expectations?

How do we make our products more fun and accessible for kids? 

Sam Sargents response to my questions is: “We don’t want to be selling products to people who think we’re going to make them laugh.

We want to make people laugh.

So our goal is to create experiences for kids and parents who want them.

It’s about the fun of it, not the value.”

Sam Sager is the cofounder of Bonforce Kids and CEO of the Bonpoint Family, which includes Bonpoint, Bonpoint Children’s Clothing, and Bonpoint Furniture. 

Bonpoint Kids, the line of clothing, is a limited-edition line of high-quality items created by Bonpoint to be worn by children. 

It includes Bontex, a t-shirt, and a Bonpoint Sweatshirt, which are available for purchase in all stores and at all participating Bonpoint stores. 

You can purchase your Bonpoint items online or at participating BonPoint stores, or you can also shop at select Bonpoint retailers, such as Macy’s and Target. 

If you want to know more about the company and its products, check out the company website here. [Related: Bonforce Kids will be available in select BonPoint retail stores and BonPoint online starting January 1]Bonpoint also sells a limited number of Bontex hoodies, which have a similar design to Bontex’s T-shirts and sweatshits, but which are designed for kids ages six to 14. 

For example, the Bontex Hoodie, available in all Bonpoint online and at select retailers, is designed to fit a little smaller than the size on a normal T-shirt. 

When I asked Sam about the importance of these styles, he said, “Our goal is that they’re fun and they’re accessible.

They’re also designed to be great for kids who want to wear them. 

There are so many different types of kids’ clothing that are available in this age group that you can customize it for a lot of different needs.” 

Bontex hoods are available at select outlets in stores, and the Bontees Hoodies, available online, are available from select Bontex stores.

Bontex T-Shirts, T-Hoodies, and T-Masks are available online and in select retail stores.