As we head into the festive season, there are plenty of new items to choose from.

With so many different brands available, we thought we’d take a look at some of the top ones.

Here’s our top picks for your children’s wardrobe.

Read moreRead more”I think my kids have been getting a bit too many things from Disney that I just don’t want them to see,” said Ms Hockley.

“My daughter has a Disney Infinity, which she loves and has always loved.”

I’ve also had a lot of Frozen and Winnie the Pooh toys, which is very fun for her.

“But while the Christmas season has seen some amazing Disney offerings, she is especially keen to keep her little ones entertained.”

They are the ones that I’m really enjoying,” she said.”

We have some great ones, and we’re looking forward to the new ones.

“To find the right outfit for your kids, read our guide to the best children’s shopping tips.

To find out more about the Disney Store, visit the Disney website or call 08 8833 5222.

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