Honeydew’s new line of cute kids clothing has been a hit with parents in the US.

It includes clothing from Honeydews’ own family and many brands like Reebok, Adidas, and Reebly.

The company has also launched a line of kid-friendly accessories like stickers, books, and other kid-centric items.

And the brand is looking to expand into a wider demographic: its new line includes cute little stickers.

But there’s a catch: the company is selling kids’ clothing only to women who are pregnant.

It doesn’t seem like the right way to encourage pregnant moms.

“We understand that parents need to make decisions for their own families and that the choices they make for their children may differ from what’s appropriate for their individual family,” a spokesperson for Honeydens parent company, Reebox, told Business Insider.

“But we have to balance that with the importance of ensuring our families are healthy and our kids are happy and cared for.”

The company’s goal with its new products is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for children.

But if you’re a mom who wants to make sure your baby is safe, you should probably steer clear of the products.

“There are plenty of moms who are concerned that these products might actually make babies pregnant,” Sarah Binder, a mother of two, told Tech Insider.

The new products aren’t going to make your baby a bit more independent.

The stickers are made of polyester and are only supposed to be used by women who have already given birth.

The clothing is also not safe for the pregnant moms because the silicone in it can irritate the cervix.

You can’t use them for breastfeeding, and they’re supposed to contain no oils, preservatives, or other ingredients that could make them potentially dangerous.

But Honeydwys’ products have been a success, with some mothers who have used the company’s products reporting that their babies are happy.

The line’s first collection of baby-friendly items will be available on October 1, with other items like hats, scarves, and stickers in the works.

“Honeydew is known for creating fun, healthy, and cute products that make mom’s lives easier,” the company said in a statement.

“Now that we have more than 30 million customers and millions of products to choose from, we’re thrilled to offer these unique, personalized products to make it easier for moms to enjoy their baby’s growing days.”

It’s unclear whether Honeydws new lines of cute baby clothes will be sold in stores.

If they do, expect them to have a slightly different look to the original lines, with the exception of stickers, which may be made out of latex and contain no silicone.

But even if they do start appearing in stores, the company isn’t ruling out other products in the future.

“If we get the word out and if we can do a few more promotions and if people keep coming back, we could see something like a baby gear line,” the spokesperson said.

“A line of baby gear that would really help moms who have kids that are growing up and are really excited about them.”