A vintage dress has always been an elusive object.

But it’s been a favorite of designers and fashionistas for more than a century.

It’s also one of the most sought after items of modern times, with many collectors seeking a dress for a particular occasion.

The new collection by French designer Marquise will sell out quickly in New York City, but for many buyers it’s an iconic piece.

It comes with an exclusive dressmaker, a special velvet ribbon, a signature embroidered lace collar, a ribbon on the waist, and a hand-painted lace detail.

“Marquise is a great example of a French couture house that is trying to keep its style alive,” said John Brescia, a professor of modern art at NYU who specializes in fashion.

“The designer has always done things differently and this is just another example.”

Marquises design history dates to the 1950s, when its owner, Marie-Jeanne Boudreau, started to make dresses for her own clients.

Her sister-in-law, Isabelle, started making dresses for the same clients in the 1960s, according to her daughter, Marie Jeanne Baudreau.

The Boudresons first couture work was for the family’s friends, including the famous couturier Paul Gaultier, who is also known as Gault.

“Paul Gault was always obsessed with the fashion of the period,” Marie-Henri Boudreaux said.

“I think he would wear this one every day.

I think he was really obsessed with that particular look.”

Marie-Henry and Isabelle Boudréaux founded Marquise in 1963, with a goal of making couture dresses for a select group of wealthy clients.

It would sell to a number of clients in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Paris and London, as well as the British royal family.

In 1970, the Boudrezens expanded to London, where they expanded their brand to include a line of children’s clothes for girls.

The company also made couture bridesmaid dresses and brides dresses for brides and grooms.

The business expanded to include accessories such as dresses, jackets, ties and necklaces.

Marquis collection of childrens dresses, a vintage collection, sold out in New Yorkers fashion districtThe Baudreaus bought their first home in Paris in 1973 and then moved to New York.

After selling out of their first collection of clothes in 1974, they started a second fashion line, and in the early 1990s they made a fashion line of baby dresses, and then brides for the first time in the U.K.

Marie-Jeananne Boudrey is known for the bridal accessories she created for her clients, including a silk wedding gown, a silk gown, and an antique lace wedding veil.

“My daughter Isabelle wanted to have the best wedding dress,” Boudure said.

She had the designers create an entirely new bridal line with their own unique design and techniques.

“They knew what was in their hearts,” Baudrez said.

“I think Isabelle and I loved to have our own brand.

We liked to have a brand that wasn’t so commercial, and we didn’t need to take on too much risk,” she said.

The Boudras’ first couturiers couture line sold out quickly.

They have made couturies brides since 1977.