What if you could get the same fun and creative Easter costume for your kids as your own?

It would make for a super easy, and totally unique, Easter egg project. 

This Easter egg costumes tutorial was inspired by my friend Amy’s beautiful Easter egg hat and hat outfit from last year.

Amy was able to make this outfit using a simple and inexpensive hat and an inexpensive set of Christmas lights.

The hat and the lights were really simple to make, and Amy even came up with a nice pattern for the Christmas lights too.

The hat and Christmas lights were so easy to make that I decided to share the whole project with you all.

The first thing you need to do is take the hat and lights and cut out some Christmas lights for the hat.

The instructions I posted for the Halloween costumes were great, but you can easily replicate the pattern as well.

For the hat, I chose to use a pair of black knit hat buttons with a black knit fabric inside. 

Amy also made a cute little set of kids’ easter shoes.

I had my kids put on these and then we cut out the Easter egg designs and decorated them with a Christmas tree ornament and the little Easter egg decoration.

The kids loved them! 

The last step is to make the hat for the Easter eggs.

I bought a pair from the craft store and then I cut out my favorite Easter egg design from Amy’s Easter hat. 

Here is Amy’s instructions for the hats, and here are some great Easter egg instructions that Amy shared with me: You will need: A hat (or similar, black) 1 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches high a black knit piece (I used a piece of knit fabric) A black yarn needle (I bought a piece that was about a yard and a half long 1/2 yard each length and width) The yarn needles (I used needles that I bought for around $2.00 at Michaels) One piece of fabric One crochet hook Cut out the pattern for your Easter egg.

(I made a pattern for Amy’s hat, but it could also be used for any Easter egg you like!) 

 Place the hat over the top of the black knit pattern and sew along the top edge. 

Make sure you use the same length and the same width of fabric as the hat you are sewing over. 

You want to sew along a line that goes from the center of the hat to the center and down to the end. 

Then, stitch along the line. 

The pattern should now be finished. 

For the lights, Amy used a bunch of different Christmas lights from the local craft store.

I used one that was black and white.

Amy also cut out a few lights to make two different Easter egg arrangements.

Amy has a very simple, but creative, pattern for this outfit. 

Here are the instructions for Amy and me for making these Easter eggs: Amy: For Amy’s costume: 1 white yarn needle (about 1 yard and 1 1 / 2 feet long) (or white crochet hook, about the same size) Black yarn needle  1 yard and 4 feet of black fabric (optional) You can also make the lights by cutting out the patterns for Amy as well as cutting out a pattern and sewing it onto the black yarn. 

Amy’s Easter egg outfit is a great Halloween costume to make if you’re really into costumes and Christmas decorations.

 If you have any questions about Easter egg ideas or Easter egg decorating for your home or business, please feel free to drop me a line and I will be happy to help.

I also created a free ebook called Easter Eggs, Kids, and Halloween that is perfect for children, and it is available for free download on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound,  and every other ebook retailer you can think of. 

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