How to prepare for a tough day.

If you’ve ever had a bad week, or if you’re in the middle of one, you’re not alone.

This week, the National Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program (NDAPT) has launched its #MakeTheBestDay challenge to inspire and empower people to take control of their lives, one day at a time.

The NDAPT is an Australian government funded, private, community based drug and alcohol treatment program.

It’s designed to assist people who are struggling to manage their drug and/or alcohol use, or to reduce their risk of relapse.

#MaketheBestDay aims to motivate Australians to look at their daily lives and consider how they can be more positive, less negative and more resilient.

The National Drug & Alcohol Treatment program has helped more than 4,400 people who have sought help from the NDApt.

It aims to be a positive resource to help Australians achieve positive change.

It has helped people who were struggling with substance use or drug use disorders and people who had been struggling with alcohol and/our drug and other related addictions.

The #MakeTHEADay campaign is a partnership between the National Drugs & Alcohol Services (NDSAS) and the NDSPT.

It started in January 2019, and now has over 600 participants.

What is a #Make theBestDay?

#Make THEADay is a series of five to seven days of positive, meaningful, and positive behaviours that you can take to change the world.

Each day the NNS is providing one of the most effective and impactful ways of tackling a challenge: a day of gratitude for the work that has been done to help you or your loved ones, a day where you feel empowered to express your emotions or emotions of self-acceptance, a positive affirmation of your self-worth and the value of being good, a meaningful reflection on your life and the future that you are dreaming of, a moment to reflect on your choices and actions, and a moment of reflection on yourself.

A #MakeTHeadDay is a different kind of #Make.

It includes a #StopTheDrug campaign, which encourages people to stop using drugs.

It is not a challenge, and it is not for everyone.

The campaign is designed to be achievable for those who need it most.

What can I do to participate?

There are a number of different ways to participate in the #Make TheADay challenge.

You can visit the NDPPT website, download the NDT’s mobile app or sign up to participate online.

You may also find the #AskTheDrug hashtag on Twitter and Facebook to share your thoughts about #MakethemADay and other community driven, positive conversations.

What if I have a question?

Please do not hesitate to ask your question in the comments section below.

You’ll receive a response within a few hours.

If your question is not covered by the #CreateTheBestday challenge, please email the NDPS.

The response will be a reply to that question.