Children’s clothing retailer L’Oréal is trying to become more relevant in a world where the majority of consumers are on smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Its founder said in a statement that its children’s line will offer a range of clothing and accessories with high-quality, innovative designs and timeless appeal.

L’Oréeal said the new children’s fashion line will “explore the future of youth fashion, including the new wave of kids’ fashion trends”.

“Our mission is to offer children the best fashion experiences, as well as provide a safe place for them to shop and interact with our designers and brands,” L’Oreal said.

The children’s clothes line is L’oréal’s first foray into the children’s accessories and fashion industry.

“The idea of bringing children’s products to life is always an exciting project, and we’re excited to take L’ Oréal to the next level,” said Marc Bergey, the company’s director of creative.

It will also include fashion accessories for children, the first time a children’s product has been included in the L’ Oreal catalog.

The company said it was launching the new line after exploring the possibility of selling children’s items at a younger age.

L’ Orèal is the world’s biggest retailer of children’s apparel, toys and accessories.