India has become a destination for parents looking to shop kids’ clothes.

Here are some tips to help you shop the country.

Read moreWhat do I need to know about children’s apparel in India?

There are two basic types of children’s garments: adult clothes and children’s attire.

Children’s clothing generally comes in two types: adult clothing and childrens apparel.

Adult clothing usually comes in a range of colours, styles, fabrics and styles.

Childrens clothing typically comes in more traditional styles.

Here are some of the basic things you should look for when shopping children’s fashion in India:What’s a “sale”?

When shopping for childrens clothes in Indian markets, you can usually expect to see a range between 60-100 items on offer.

However, you’ll also see more than that.

The number of sales you’re likely to see varies based on the location you’re shopping in, but in general you’re looking at about 150-250 items.

You can usually buy at least a dozen children’s dresses, dresses and skirts.

Here’s a look at some of them.

Here’s what to look for:Why is there a difference between adult and children clothes?

As a child, you may have loved wearing the clothes you grew up with.

However now you’re older, you realise the differences between the two types of clothing can make it a little more difficult to distinguish them.

For instance, adult clothes usually come in larger sizes, while children’s tend to be smaller.

In India, there are also restrictions on what you can buy for children, which can affect the size of the items that you can shop for.

Here is what you need to do to be able to buy children’s items:What are the colours and styles?

There’s no shortage of childrens clothing on offer in India.

You’re probably more likely to find a range in colours and patterns.

However, you will also find some children’s styles available in larger quantities.

You’ll also find more styles for adults.

Here is a look how the colours of children clothes in different countries are sorted.

Here in the US, you’re more likely than in India to find colours like blue and green in most of the adult and child colours on offer, whereas in India you’re less likely to be seeing white and pink.

The colours are also slightly different in India, with blue and turquoise being more common in some markets.

Here comes the fun part!

What can I expect to find in India’s child-friendly clothing?

Many children’s brands are offering products that are geared towards children and children-friendly.

Here, we’ve put together a list of the best kids’ clothing brands that we think will suit your needs and tastes.