New Zealanders are increasingly getting a glimpse of what it takes to buy a gender-segregated clothing item, as gender-neutral versions of children’s toys, bedding and even a toilet roll are making their way to stores.

The Gender Recognition Act, which came into force in April, aims to ensure that gender-specific items are labelled as such on supermarket shelves and that shoppers have access to “appropriate” items that fit their gender identity.

Gender-neutral products are also being added to shelves in the US and Australia, as well as being marketed to children.

The legislation also requires retailers to “identify” the gender of the item and to include a “note” stating the gender on the package.

But in New Zealand, where gender is fluid and there are many different genders and identities, the gender marker has been an increasingly popular option for gender-based products, with most gender-linked products being sold as gender neutral.

There is a gender neutral version of a toilet paper, as opposed to the gender-stereotyped “man” and “woman” options, which are also available in Australia and the US.

“We’re starting to see some of these [gender-neutral] options coming out, but we’re seeing that most of these are going to be sold as ‘man’, ‘woman’ or ‘queer’,” said a spokeswoman for the Department of Primary Industries.

“So, for the time being, we don’t have an exact number, but it’s growing rapidly.”

“We don’t know if we’ll see the end of the gender neutral toilet paper,” she said.

“The gender marker can be a really good way to market these products.

We’re really hoping that people will be able to choose what they want to purchase.””

The government’s not going to make gender neutral toilets available for everyone, but this is a way to encourage people to shop with confidence.”

In New Zealand in particular, a number of major retailers have started selling gender-selective products, including the Woolworths chain, Woolworth Superstore and Lidl, which has an “unisex” section in stores.

New Zealanders can now buy gender-separated toilet paper and toilet paper filters at select Woolworth stores, with some stores including outlets in Auckland and Waikato, where some of the most popular products are sold.

Lidl spokesperson Anna Macleod said the gender option would be available at all Woolworth store locations in Auckland.

“A gender-is-neutral product is a one-off item, which is not available for purchase in other stores.

The Gender Recognization Act is a great tool to help retailers promote gender-acceptance and gender-reassurance,” she explained.”

Gender-is of course a fluid concept, and some people may be gender-nonconforming, and we’re looking to educate and promote that.”

As we do so, we’re also encouraging people to buy gender neutral products in other retailers and at other outlets.

“Lid lags behind in the gender market in New York, but the company has a presence in more than 70 New York stores, including a department store in the Bronx and a Target in Brooklyn.”

Lid is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices,” the company said in a statement.”

Our focus is on offering the highest-quality products, but also making sure our employees are supported to be able and happy working with our customers.””

While the Gender Recognisation Act is an important part of our commitment to promoting gender-positive retail, we also recognize that we must continue to work with our suppliers and partners to improve our gender-free products,” the statement continued.”

At Woolworth, we believe gender is an individual experience, and as a result, we offer a wide range of gender- and gender identity-neutral options.”‘

No one is ever going to tell you your gender is wrong’In Australia, the Gender Identity Commission’s gender neutrality policy does not specifically define gender-identity categories, but there are guidelines that say a retailer may sell a gender marker if the gender is not the same as the gender one has assigned at birth.

A spokesman for the commission, who are tasked with making sure retailers comply with the act, said “there is no such thing as a gender nonconforming item” in Australia.”

If you are interested in buying a gender or gender identity non-conforming product, then there are some important guidelines and guidelines that you need to know about.

There are no rules to follow in Australia,” the spokesman said.

The commission said retailers could also choose to list a gender indicator on a product, but not the gender itself.”

Some retailers have decided that the gender indicator can be added to the product, and that will not affect the gender designation of