PANTY PANTIES, the new fashion trend for children’s clothes, are a must for a growing number of children, says Denise Kiefer, director of consumer insights at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

That’s why her team is now working to identify and help parents understand the clothing trend, which is taking off around the country. 

“It’s about more than the pants,” says Kiefers, who has a degree in psychology and specializes in parenting, parenting styles and child development.

“We need to know what the child is wearing.”

The term panty panties first became popular in the United States in the 1980s, but now children are using them more than ever.

It can be seen in children’s outfits from preschoolers to teens, and for toddlers to college students.

Kids’ clothing can include colorful panda print pants, pants that look like they are made of a baby-like blanket, and panda tights.

PANTYING PANTES (children’s clothing) The latest trend, according to Kieferman, is a trend for pants that are printed with panda prints and designs on the front and back.

The pants are also available in the pink, white and blue colorways.

“The panty panda is a new trend, and it’s becoming more common,” says Dr. Mary Elizabeth Stadt, associate professor of psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

She adds that parents may want to pay more attention to the pants they are wearing.

The pants can be worn to school, school dances, to the beach and even on the football field.

Parents can also help their kids identify the panty prints.

“I think parents will want to know if they are really wearing a panty, or if they’re just wearing some other color,” says Stadts.

Panties are not necessarily bad for your child’s health.

They can help children learn how to walk and talk and have fun, according the American Academy of Pediatrics.

They are also a good alternative to a long, sleeveless shirt, says Dr, Barbara Ochs, a pediatrician and the director of pediatric endocrinology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

But not everyone will want the look.

Parents who do want the panties, however, should look for a color that doesn’t have a panda pattern, says Och.

And the pants should be more comfortable than a t-shirt, says Stavrova.

“Pantys are not designed for children,” says Oech.

The trend of panda pajamas is growing, too.

Some parents also are choosing to wear pants made from bamboo, says Kristina Deutsch, a registered nurse and the founder of the Mommy’s Panties blog.

These pants can stretch a lot and look good.

But they can also be uncomfortable, says Deutsch.

If you are buying a pendant, bracelets or earrings, ask for a pattern, so you know it is a panties design, says Kieffer.

The patterns should be made of bamboo, not cotton.