Parents are “so scared” of selfies, they’re turning to Facebook for guidance on how to use the platform safely.

The hashtag #KidsAreSaferOnFacebook has become a trending topic on the social media platform, which recently rolled out a new parental control feature that requires users to select “Friends” in order to view the posts they choose to share.

As of Thursday, the feature is available to all users, but those who want to use it to curb the spread of selfie-related content are still limited to one per account.

While many parents have embraced the new tool, others are questioning its ability to protect their children from the “dangerous” photos and videos being shared by others.

A Reddit thread titled “I want to know how safe is this?” was set up last week by a mother of a child in the United States who wanted to know whether the parental control features could be disabled entirely.

“I’ve been on Facebook for nearly 10 years, and I’ve seen so many terrible things happen to kids on there, I just want to make sure that kids can be safe and secure in their own homes,” the mother said.

“This was a really good suggestion, but I’m also worried about how this might affect my child’s privacy.

I don’t want to give my child the opportunity to get into trouble.”

The thread was deleted within a day of its posting.

But some Redditors seem more concerned with the safety of their children than the safety, or lack thereof, of the platform.

“You should use Facebook to stay safe, and this app should make it easier for you to stay secure,” one Redditor wrote.

“What do you think is going to happen to my child if I don ‘t give her my password’?” another Redditor asked.

“The parents that created this thread don’t know what they are doing,” another user responded.

“They’re just trying to protect themselves from the negative attention they will receive,” a third said.

“I wish there was more to this, but it’s still just the beginning.”

A Facebook spokesperson told The Huffington Post that the company is actively working to improve its parental control tool.

“We’ve been listening to our community and are making improvements to the parental controls in the App,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson also said that Facebook was working on new parental controls for its mobile apps, including one that requires parents to sign in to access their child’s account.

The Facebook spokesperson also pointed out that the new parental settings feature is only available to users with parental permission on the account.

“It’s the safest thing to do for parents, and the only way to protect your child is to use Facebook,” the representative said.

In addition to the new parents controls feature, Facebook also plans to roll out new features for people who are concerned about their children’s safety on social media.

Facebook’s new parental rights feature requires users sign in, but the social network is notifying users that some features are currently unavailable or may not work properly at all.

Facebook is also updating its app to better handle posts that appear to be inappropriate or threatening to children.

“If someone posts something that they consider inappropriate or not appropriate, or threatening, it’s something we can review,” the company told The Hill.

“The parent can take action to remove the post.”

Facebook has also announced that it will begin implementing a new feature called “Parental Control” that will allow users to opt out of certain posts and messages from certain social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.