A Florida man who was caught on camera saying he was a member of a militia group in his neighborhood says he’s selling guns and ammunition.

The video, posted on YouTube by the Miami Herald, has garnered thousands of views.

The video shows an unidentified man who identifies himself as the leader of the Militia in South Florida calling on his neighbors to arm themselves.

“Let’s take this to the streets,” the man says in the video.

“You can’t let this stop us.

We’re going to fight back.”

The video has drawn criticism from anti-gun activists and gun rights groups.

It has also drawn condemnation from law enforcement officials and the FBI.

A man who identified himself as leader of a Militia in Miami, Fla., holds a gun.

(YouTube: Miami Herald)The video, which was posted Tuesday night, shows an unknown man, whose voice is obscured, telling his neighbors they should be armed.

“Don’t go outside.

Don’t leave your children alone.

You have to go out and defend yourself.

You need to take that to the street,” the masked man says.

The man says he is not affiliated with the militia.

In the video, the masked person said the group is “armed” and that the group was created after the Boston Marathon bombing.

The group also has an Instagram page, which is under a different name.

In the video the man posted on the page, the group says it “aims to restore order to our city and nation” and is “protecting the lives of those who are under attack.”

The man’s neighbors in the neighborhood where the video was filmed, however, said they were alarmed by the videos comments.

“We are not here for anyone to do something we are not comfortable with,” said one neighbor.