How to find Japanese children’s clothes

There’s no shortage of options for kids in Japan, but one thing you’ll never find in the U.S. is a Japanese childrens clothing store.The answer is a brand new concept from Tokyo-based company Jiji Kids that aims to take Japanese clothing and accessories to the masses.Jiji is selling its collection of children’s fashion and accessories […]

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Why I stopped buying children’s shoes

I stopped wearing children’s footwear because I couldn’t stand the sound of my own footsteps.I was convinced the only way to get rid of my feet was to put them on an electric bicycle.It was a lot more comfortable than my mother-in-law’s walking boots.It gave me more freedom.I started riding my electric bike around Liverpool […]

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‘Childhood clothing: The clothing of my childhood’

Children’s clothing is one of the oldest commodities in the world.In the early 20th century, children’s clothes were produced at home in factories, and their popularity was increasing as more women entered the workforce.But now, as China’s economy has turned around, childrens’ clothing has been replaced by the cheap and easy stuff sold in stores […]

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