The star is the latest celebrity to be linked to a sugar daddy after it was revealed he was dating a 16-year-old from New Zealand.

The 17-year old star, who is currently married to former BFF Nicki Minaj, had a relationship with the celebrity before she met Nicki, 23.

Nicki said on Instagram that her engagement was not for ‘business purposes’ and that it was ‘a very private, private and private matter’.

But the couple are apparently going out to lunch to celebrate their engagement.

And, according to The Sun, the teen girl was also in a relationship at the time, with the star dating her brother.

The pair had a child together in May, but Nicki was left ‘extremely upset’ and left New Zealand to seek a divorce.

The relationship was allegedly a result of her brother, who was born in the US, visiting the family in Singapore.

The star has been accused of exploiting underage girls, with her ex-husband accusing her of using her ‘courage and charm’ to lure young girls to her homes.

But Nicki denied the allegations.

She said on Twitter: ‘The story that I’ve heard is that I have been a friend of this person for years.

I am not a sex offender.

I never have been.

I’m a proud mom.’

In July, Nicki said she and her husband had been in discussions with the New Zealand authorities and they were ‘looking at ways to work something out’.

The couple are pictured in July, shortly after Nicki filed for divorce from husband Nicki Simmons, 33.