What do you think about the Olympics?

The Olympics, it seems, is the one place where kids in Ethiopia can wear their own clothes.Ethiopia’s Ministry of Culture and Sports said on Monday that it had granted permission for the children’s clothing to be worn by Ethiopians in the Olympic Games.The decision is likely to be welcomed by the nation’s children, who will […]

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Why you should always wear a hat at school

The hat is a staple of many children’s outfits, and the most common form of headwear is a head scarf, although you can also wear a scarf or a headband.You can buy hats from a range of retailers, but some shops have their own designs, with different colours and patterns.The most popular hat is the […]

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How to tell whether your toddler is wearing panda pants

PANTY PANTIES, the new fashion trend for children’s clothes, are a must for a growing number of children, says Denise Kiefer, director of consumer insights at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.That’s why her team is now working to identify and help parents understand the clothing trend, which is taking off around the country. “It’s about more […]

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