When The Last Flour Mills Went Out

When the last flour mill went out, all of the mills were closed.They were in a lot of disrepair.They used to have a little bit of a reputation for being a little dusty place.They’d be packed up and they’d leave and you’d get a pile of dust and the place would smell awful.I remember walking […]

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How to buy new clothing for your children

Kids have grown accustomed to dressing up as characters in their favorite cartoons, but they’re also learning to take on new characters from popular video games.So how can parents make sure their kids get the most out of their new costumes?Here are some tips.First, be aware that the most common costumes for kids are often […]

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How to make an Easter egg costume

What if you could get the same fun and creative Easter costume for your kids as your own?It would make for a super easy, and totally unique, Easter egg project. This Easter egg costumes tutorial was inspired by my friend Amy’s beautiful Easter egg hat and hat outfit from last year.Amy was able to make this […]

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How to wear a dress in Japan

In Japan, a traditional Japanese dress is seen as something to be worn only by the rich, the well-connected, and those who are not afraid to look good.This may sound a bit extreme but in reality, the country’s dress code has evolved quite a bit over the past few decades.A recent article on fashion website […]

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