A family shop, the parents say, has been “shopping for a year” and has been looking for a new location since they moved to Alberta from Toronto.

The parents were looking for something smaller, closer to home and “had a bit of a hard time finding one.”

They ended up at the shop, which is located in the town of Winton, near the Alberta border.

“We have seen people from other states come in and they have a huge selection,” the shop owner told CBC News.

“They sell everything from babies to shoes.

We had one person who had one shoe, and they said they were going to sell it to us and we said, ‘Well, we don’t want that.'”

The family said they had already tried a few stores before, but that none of them were in Winton.

They are looking for more locations to try out, they said.

“I would say, if we could find one, we would go for it.”

They are offering a 15 per cent discount for parents with kids.