An Australian company has sold its first line of clothing that is “dedicated to children” and “dedicates to the family”.

Key points:The Deerhunter line features a range of items that are designed to “recover children’s love of nature”The clothing is available at retailers across the countryThe line is designed to be worn by the mother and father of the child as well as their child’s siblings and childrenA new line of Deerhunter clothing is designed for use by women who want to dress their children and grandchildren to “adorn them with a sense of adventure and excitement”.

The clothing was first unveiled in New South Wales last month and is designed with “family-friendly” in mind.

It is available for purchase at retailers nationwide, and the Deerhunter brand has already been in the US, the UK and Ireland.

It was created in response to the deaths of the two Australian children who were killed last year by poppers.