In this year’s fashion show, we spoke to some of the best old-school designer labels around to get their take on the year’s most stunning vintage fashion.

The first thing you need to know about the Vintage Fashion Show is that it’s a bit of a mystery.

It’s not like we’re talking about new clothes or vintage-inspired fashion.

It is, instead, the celebration of classic fashion from the 1930s through to the 1960s, with a little bit of vintage thrown in.

The Vintage Fashion show is being held on the second Thursday of every month from February 18th to the 23rd, 2019.

It runs until February 27th.

Here are some of our favourites:Birds and Birds: “In terms of clothing, there’s not a lot of variety to the shows.

The majority of shows are in clothing, but there’s also an interesting mix of things like accessories, accessories for accessories, a little thing called a vintage-style show, and an all-star show.

So you have a lot more things to look at than you’d see in a show like this.”

In the ’30s, this collection looks a lot like the modern-day ones you see on the runway today.

The designers say this collection is meant to be worn by everyone.

“The goal of the vintage show is to get the best out of the wardrobe of the day.

That’s the beauty of it, isn’t it?

It’s a way of bringing the vintage style forward, to present it to the modern day,” says J.W. Smith, the creative director at Birds and Birds.

The collection includes pieces like a dress made out of old silk, a silk blouse with the vintage print and a pair of dress shoes made out the ’50s.

But this particular pair was inspired by the ’60s.

“We wanted to go back to the ’40s, because that’s when women were getting their first outfits, when women wore their first dresses and shoes, and it’s really interesting to look back on that era and look at it,” says Smith.

There are other interesting items, too.

A classic pair of silk trousers with the original vintage print is one of the more iconic pieces.

It features an old-fashioned, lace-up front with a gold pin.

And a piece of vintage-esque fabric is one example of vintage fashion that has been passed down to this generation.

“There are a lot vintage styles in the collection, and there are a number of items in the show that were specifically designed for the vintage-styled vintage shows,” says Jones.

“For example, one of our favorites is the vintage dress from the ’70s.”

It’s all about colour, too, says Smith, who believes that every show should have a range of styles.

“A lot of the clothes that you see in the shows are just one colour, and you’re going to see that everywhere.

I think that’s the best way to go about it, is to create an environment where people are able to walk through and be inspired by them. “

And we want the clothes to be vibrant and bold and sexy.

I think that’s the best way to go about it, is to create an environment where people are able to walk through and be inspired by them.

That way, you’re able to get inspired to wear something different, to wear it differently, to find your own style.”

So what does the vintage look look look like on a day-to-day basis?

“It depends on the type of show,” says Joanna Wills, the co-founder and creative director of The Vintage Clothing Store.

“If it’s all dresses and heels, that’s pretty much what you’ll see.

But if you’re in a more formal setting, you can see that, too.”

The Vintage Clothing store is located in The New York City’s Museum of Modern Art.

The show is not just about the fashion, it’s also about the story behind the fashion.

“I think that the fashion shows help connect us to the past and inspire us to be creative and creative in the present,” says Wills.

“It gives us a sense of belonging to the culture.

We’re all connected by that sense of culture.

I feel like it’s just like we can wear what we want in a fashion show and still feel like we belong.”

In terms for the past, Wills says the show also focuses on women and fashion, highlighting the work of women like Emma Lazarus and Gertrude Stein.

“The shows are not about how old the fashion is.

It has to be about how it’s made, how it was made, the style of the garments and so on,” she says.

“So the show is about the past.

The women that were part of the fabric of our society.”