The Olympics, it seems, is the one place where kids in Ethiopia can wear their own clothes.

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Culture and Sports said on Monday that it had granted permission for the children’s clothing to be worn by Ethiopians in the Olympic Games.

The decision is likely to be welcomed by the nation’s children, who will wear the clothes at the games on Sunday and will then return home to wear them again in a few weeks.

While there is a small market for child-sneaking apparel in Ethiopia, it is difficult to find enough to suit all.

One of the country’s most prominent child-protection groups, the Children’s Rights Forum, has called for the country to ban children’s sport altogether.

Ethiopian Olympic officials said the decision would allow the country “to achieve an ethical and humanitarian objective” for children, and would allow for “cultural equality” in the country.

“The decision also makes it possible to take into consideration the needs of children who are not yet physically fit, as well as those who have a disability, according to the IOC,” the IOC said in a statement.

Last year, Ethiopia was the host nation for the Commonwealth Games, which included the first African Games.