AUSTIN (AP) When children need to go outside in a diaper, they can use the diaper bag.

Now, parents can put their diapers in the bag as well.

A study released Wednesday by the Texas A&M University School of Public Health and the University of Texas at Austin found that people can use a diaper bag to help keep their children’s clothes clean and dry.

The study found that while some people still preferred diapers in diapers, many parents who don’t have children use a reusable diaper bag instead.

“In general, when parents choose to use disposable diapers, they often choose diapers that are disposable diapers in nature,” said Katherine Roesch, a professor of pediatrics and public health and a lead author of the study.

Roesch said the findings are encouraging, but the results do not necessarily mean that people will always choose to reuse their diapers.

“It does mean that they may prefer to reuse diapers that they know they will be able to wash and use,” she said.

Parents who choose reusable diapers say they prefer that they are able to reuse them.

According to the study, people with children aged 6 to 10 in the study who reused their diapers more often than those who didn’t were significantly less likely to be overweight or obese.

In the study’s final stage, participants who reused diapers were also more likely to report a greater sense of satisfaction with their lives.

While the study was done with kids, the researchers said their findings may hold true for parents and grandparents who are also parents.

People who choose to take their diapers out of their diaper bag will have a harder time putting their diapers away, Roesck said.

But people who choose not to reuse are less likely than those to reuse to feel stressed about the fact that their diapers won’t stay in their diaper bags.

“I think the takeaway is that they need to use their diaper-bag and have it ready to go for the next diaper,” Roescher said.

The study was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Texas A & M.