The most common questions when you have questions about your child’s swimwear choices are: “What about my children’s swimsuits?”

“Will they wear them?” or “Are they wearing them now?”

And for some children, the answer to all of these questions may be a resounding yes.

In fact, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), many kids are choosing to wear swimsuits more often than they ever have before.

And the AAP also found that more than half of all swimwear purchases in the United States are made by children under the age of six.

“Our research shows that the majority of swimwear purchase by young children is done for fun,” Dr. Patricia Loeffler, chief of pediatricians at the AAP, said in a statement.

“It’s a fun way for children to wear their favorite clothes.”

The AAP said that for many families, children are not worried about getting caught in the “toxic” plastic bottles that have become the focus of their swimwear concerns.

According to Loefler, parents often have to ask their children “what the hell is going on” when they’re buying their swimsuit, as it is not uncommon for parents to buy swimwear in a different color than what is actually needed.

“For many families with children, they do not have the knowledge or time to go to the store to check on the quality of the swimwear,” she said.

In addition, Loeberl said that many of these purchases are made in a more casual way, like purchasing a pair of flip flops instead of the standard swimsuits.

In this scenario, a child is able to buy a pair that are more comfortable for the day, but they’re not always the perfect fit.

“We’ve seen that kids that are in the swimsuits for a while and then don’t have a swimsuit are often much happier,” she explained.

In an effort to combat the issue, the AAP recently launched a website where parents can find swimwear recommendations for their kids.

“We’ve started with a very specific goal: to help parents understand how to better manage their children’s purchase and purchase patterns,” Loeler said.

The website features a guide on how to choose the best swimwear for your children.

To help parents better understand their childrens swimwear preferences, the organization has created a series of “toys” for parents.

These interactive videos will help parents to get a better idea of how their kids feel about swimsuits and how to make sure they’re being comfortable with their purchases.