The Australian Financial Journal (AFAJ) has a series of articles on the changes in Morley’s brand and how it has been impacted by the closure of the Woolworths factory.

The articles also look at the impact of the closure and the impact that Morley is now having on the community.

We look at how the Woolies closure has impacted Morley childrens clothing, Morleys impact on local families and the wider community.

The Morleys closure was announced in May 2017 and was due to end on 31 July.

The factory closed on 20 February The Morleys announcement, while controversial, did not prevent Morley from making significant changes to their brand.

They announced in October 2016 that the company would discontinue all of its clothing and that they would no longer make clothing for children under the age of six years.

This followed a statement by CEO Stephen Molloy which said that the closure was due “to the global economic crisis”.

In March 2018, Morlleys new CEO Stephen Morley confirmed that the factory would be closing by 2021, and said that Morleys intention to discontinue its products was “based on our business situation”.

A Morley spokesperson told the AFAJ that they did not make the announcement because it was “an extremely difficult decision”.

They said: “The decision to close the Woolie factory was a difficult one and we have had a lot of discussion about it, and as we had announced earlier, we were going to do our best to ensure the long-term wellbeing of the workers and the communities that they serve.”

However, Morrisons new CEO told the ABC that the decision to do this was not based on business circumstances and that he would be “firmly committed to maintaining the quality of our products and our staff”.

They have also confirmed that Morlys decision was made after a thorough review of the company’s position.

They said they were “absolutely confident” that the “world of retailing is changing” and that “Morley has never been more relevant or more focused”.

However, it is not all good news for the Morleys brand.

Morleys chief executive, Stephen Morleys, has previously been criticised for the lack of quality control in the production process.

In February 2017, Morlins spokesperson said that “[the company] has a zero tolerance policy towards anything that could be perceived as anything less than high-quality”.

They told the Australian Financial Press that: “Our quality standards are not in doubt at all, but we do have to take the time to understand what those standards are.”

We will have a very, very strict control of the process, because we have a team of quality assurance people that are trained on every aspect of our operations.

We will be very much focused on ensuring that we do not have any errors.

“They also confirmed their commitment to providing “high-quality, well-made products to our customers”.

Morleys statement on Morleys closure and quality controlIn March 2017, Stephen Molls spokesperson said: [Morley’s] products are of high quality and we want to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied with the quality and value of their products.

Morleys response to criticism on quality controlMorleys CEO said that: [we] have always been committed to our quality standards, which have been in place for a very long time and we will continue to be focused on delivering a high-performing product and a great service.

We have always followed the best practices and guidelines, and will continue that process.

A spokesperson for Morleys spokesperson told AFAJournal that the Morley brand “is very proud of our history of innovation, which has allowed us to continue to innovate in the apparel industry”.

They stated: “We know that our products will be of great value to our loyal customers, and we’re committed to making sure they are satisfied.

We’re also committed to supporting our local communities, who rely on us for their livelihoods and are keen to continue their work as they seek to support their communities and businesses.

We’re committed not only to the wellbeing of our workers, but to providing quality service to our consumers and to our communities.

We have committed to the sustainability of our business and to improving our business through cost cutting and efficiency measures, so we’re confident we will deliver the best possible return on investment.

“Morleys statement on the closureThe AFANews has also been given an exclusive look inside the factory.

We spoke to Morleys team members who have been working at the factory for more than two years.

They confirmed that “the [Morleys] staff are in full control of their work”.

They also said that there was a “rig