Children’s clothing retailer Patagonia has introduced a new feature to help its clients make the most of the holidays, offering children a simple and straightforward shopping experience.

The company’s new shopping experience, which launches in Australia on Thursday, is called “Kids’ Style”.

It allows parents to add their own tags to their children’s clothes to highlight their interests and preferences.

It is aimed at parents who are keen to try something new and to make sure they are buying the right products.

“The new feature is a way for parents to discover and create their kids’ style, so they can select the right items to pair with their favourite kids’ clothes,” Patagonias CEO and co-founder Sam Kohn said.

“It’s a way to get to know your children better and make sure you’re buying the best possible gifts for your children,” he said.

The new store is also designed to be simple to navigate and easy to find.

Patagonia is one of many retailers that have introduced the feature.

The company’s other stores also feature an interactive store that offers an interactive map of children’s styles and the best way to shop for their favourite products.

Kids’ style has been in the works for more than two years and has been designed to offer parents the same shopping experience as other brands.

It will allow parents to find items they like, browse them individually and find more, Patagonies chief marketing officer James Furlong said.

While the new store will be launched at a time when many Australian retailers are opening up to children, Kohn thinks the brand has done a good job of taking its brand to a new audience.

“We have a lot of different people, and our children’s brand has grown from just a one-off to now being a big brand, which means we’ve been able to reach a lot more people,” he told

“Kids’ fashion is not a niche, it’s a big part of our brand, and it’s not just about kids’ clothing.”