People are using clothing as payment for online auctions, including on the black market.

B2B children’s apparel, clothing and accessories are being sold on sites like eBay and Etsy, according to a recent report from the National Fair Trade Association.

Some sellers are using them to pay for items that were previously paid for by credit cards or PayPal, said Paul Bockland, a vice president for Fair Trade USA, a trade group.

Some auctions are also using the items to make payment on a third-party website, where the items are displayed on a screen to sell on eBay or Amazon, he said.

Some people are buying the clothing online for $50 to $200, Bockart said.

They are selling it to other people who will then use it for something else, such as buying or selling cars, boats or furniture.

People are buying it for $200 to $500, and some are buying $100 to $150, Bocksaid.

They’re paying for their own vehicles, and sometimes their own furniture, he added.

The National Fair Buyers Association says many of the items on its website are sold by sellers with multiple sellers or multiple sellers with different locations, sometimes for the same item.

It is very difficult to track down the identity of these sellers, and it can be difficult to distinguish who is making the sale,” Bockasaid.

The association’s Fair Trade Finder is a tool that helps consumers find the right seller, but the association has had some success in identifying sellers who are not the sellers they think they are.

A few years ago, the association was able to identify several buyers who were using child-specific clothing as a payment method, but it found that a number of them were in the U.S.

A large percentage of the child-related clothing sold is made in China, which is not regulated as a country for fair trade, Bockedesaid.

There is a lot of variation in the size of the clothing sold, so we don’t have the exact numbers, but some of the sellers we’ve identified, including an American, are using children’s children’s items to pay.

That’s what we’ve found in the past, he told ABC News.

We’re not really sure what’s going on, but I know that there are a lot more people that are using it to make payments, so it could be a way for them to make money.

Bockasays some sellers use the children’s merchandise as a way to circumvent China’s regulations on fair trade.

For example, Bockingasaid, a child who sells his clothing on eBay has told ABC that he pays $2,000 to $3,000 a month for his children’s products.

Bocksaid said he is unsure what to do if he has a dispute with a seller because he knows there are other people buying his items who are using the same clothing as the one that he sells.