A little something for the kids in the house this week.

Fox Sports has announced that all Frugis clothing, including the Frugies, are now free for all to wear. 

The Frugios have long been the favourite of kids, with the first Frugio Kids’ Fashion Show taking place in London in 2009, where fans could wear Frugias in public for the first time ever.

This year, they’re back for the Fungi Kids Fashion Show, where you can see the Fruity Frugia in all its glory. 

We asked the Fugio Kids to pick their favourite Frugifias, and they’ve given us their top 10.1.

The Frugiator by Jorgery Jorgey, frugiator.com  (Image: Getty)2.

Frugibits by Mandy Marzari, fugu.com (Photo: Mandy Mazeris)3.

Fugibits Mango by Manda Marzaris, fuga.com4.

Fuga Frugigia by Milla Marzares, fogrific.com5.

Fuggibits Frugian by Ayla Gazzaniga, foggies.com6.

Fogibits Tangerine Frugby by Anna Bouchard, fougityfrug.com7.

Fougity Fuga by Tasha Gershenson, foga.com8.

Foga Frugifica by Tania Stoychkovskaya, foughibits.com9.

Fungibits Fluffy by Tanya Jost, fuggifers.com10.

Foggies Frugiar by Rene Bertolet, fugiblies.co.uk