A Gypsy clothing retailer, Gypsy Clothing, has had its online store shut down for an extended period.

According to Polygon, the retailer has been forced to shut down its online shop for an unspecified period.

It has not been confirmed whether the retailer will reopen, or whether they will have to go back to the old, more traditional way of selling their wares.

The store had been offering items such as children’s clothes, moccasins, children’s footwear, accessories and much more, for sale online, including at a number of retailers, including Target and Target Canada.

A representative from Gypsy said the decision to close down the online shop was made after an internal investigation into the business.

According the representative, it was made possible because the business was not receiving enough revenue from online sales.

The company did not provide any further information, but Polygon has previously reported that Gypsy has had to shut shop for a number in the past.

The retailer was originally founded in the United States in the early 1990s, and the company has been operating since its founding.

Polygon has reached out to Gypsy for comment.