A Lululema brand is moving to Mexico.

The company said it will relocate its headquarters to Mexico to take advantage of tax incentives that allow companies to move overseas.

Lululesma said it has announced a planned $10 million expansion in the city of Nuevo Laredo, which it said will bring jobs and investment to a city of about 12,000.

The move will create approximately 10,000 jobs.

It will also create up to $4 million in economic activity for the area.

“This investment will not only create more jobs for the communities that live in the region, but will also contribute to the region’s overall economic development,” Lulula CEO Mark Hochberg said in a statement.

The brand will continue to operate in the U and Europe.

The announcement came less than two weeks after it announced plans to open a new manufacturing facility in Mexico.

It also said it was looking to expand its global footprint.

It did not specify when the move would take place.

Lula said it had been considering the possibility of moving to the U, Mexico or Europe.

But it said it could not pursue any of the options until it had made the necessary financial and legal commitments.